Courses Semester 1 Courses Semester 2
Block Course Room Block Course Room
A Teacher Leader/Prep D211 A Pre-Calc 11 D211
B Pre-Calc 11 D211 B FPC Math 10 D211
C Pre-Calc 11 D211 C Pre-Calc 11 D211
D Introductory Math 10 D211 D  Teacher Leader/Prep D211



Math 8 Daily Lesson Notes

Date Topic Unit 1 Sept 15 Adding Integers Sept 16 Subtractin

Introductory Math 10 Course Material

The purpose of this course is to revisit the learning outcomes from Math 9 and make sure s

Pre‐Calculus 11 Course Material

Here is a factoring review sheet for those that need more practice (answers are on the las

Math Notes

If you are needing some extra help with Math, you can click on each topic below to see som

Dover Bay Service Awards

What are Service Awards? Every year Dover Bay recognizes the number of hours students vol

  • Mrs. Jakobsen's Course Outlines

  • Service Awards

  • Every year Dover Bay recognizes the number of hours students volunteer to various activities that enhance the life of the school. The awards are divided into different levels based on the total number of hours contributed. Awards are given out at the end of the year at the evening Awards Ceremony.

    Click here for more information about Service Awards.

  • Service Award Tally Sheet

  • View/download a copy of the service award form.