Date Topic
Unit 1 Trigonometry
Jan 27 Tangent Ratio
Jan 28 Sine and Cosine
Jan 29 Word Problems
Jan 30 Solving Right Triangles
Feb 4 Trigonometry Project
Feb 7 Trigonometry Project Marking Rubric
Unit 2 Exponents
Feb 13 Review of Exponent Laws
Feb 14 Exponent Laws with Combined Bases
Feb 18 Negative Exponents
Feb 19 More Work with Negative Exponents
Feb 20 Negative Exponents with Numeric Bases
Feb 21 Simplifying Powers with Combined Bases
Unit 3 Polynomials
Mar 4 Common Factors
Mar 5 Binomial Common Factors
Mar 6 Multiplying Polynomials
Mar 9 Combined Operations
Mar 10 Factoring Trinomials x2+Bx+C
Mar 11 Factoring Trinomials x2+Bx+C Part 2
Mar 12 Difference of Squares/Perfect Square Trinomials
Mar 13 Factoring Trinomials Ax2+Bx+C
Mar 30 Factoring Flow Chart
Unit 4 Functions and Relations
Apr 17 What is a Function?
Apr 18 Domain and Range
Apr 24 Function Notation
Apr 25 Slope
Unit 5 Linear Relations
May 1 Slope Intercept Form of Equation
May 3 General Form of Equation
May 6 Slope Point Form of Equation
May 7 More work on Writing Equations
May 8 Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
May 9 More Parallel & Perpendicular
May 13 How to Write an Equation
May 14 Arithmetic Sequences
Unit 6 Linear Systems of Equations
May 21 Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
May 22 Modelling and Numbers of Solutions
May 23 Solving by Substitution
May 24 Solving by Addition or Subtraction
May 27 Problem Solving
Unit 7 Finance
Jan 7 Calculating Wages, Salaries
Jan 8 Commission and Calculating Time worked
Jan 9 Deductions
Jan 10 Sample Salary Pay Statement
Jan 10 Sample Hourly Pay Statement