Date Topic
Unit 1 Radicals
Jan 28 Roots and Number Classification
Jan 29 Simplifying Radicals/Writing Powers as Radicals
Jan 30 Powers with Negative Rational Exponents
Jan 31 Exponent Laws and Order of Operations
Feb 3 Simplifying Radicals With Variables
Feb 5 Adding and Subtracting Radicals
Feb 6 Multiplying Radicals
Feb 7 Dividing Radicals
Feb 10 Solving Radical Equations
Feb 11 Unit 1 Pre-Test
Unit 2 Solving Quadratics
Feb 14 Factoring Part 1
Feb 18 Factoring Part 2
Feb 19 Factoring Part 3
Feb 20 Factoring Part 4
Feb 21/26 Solving Quadratics by Factoring
Feb 27 Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square
Feb 28 Quadratic Formula
Mar 2 Interpreting the Discriminant
Unit 3 Quadratic Functions
Mar 9 Properties of Quadratic Functions
Mar 10 Solving Quadratic Equations Graphically/Transformations
Mar  11 Analyzing Quadratics in Standard Form
Mar 12 Equivalent Forms of Qudaratic Equations
Mar 13 Analyzing Quadratics in General Form
Mar 31 Solving Problems with Quadratic Functions
Unit 4 Trigonometry
Nov 12 Angles is Standard Postition Quadrant I
Nov 13 Angles in Standard Position in all 4 Quadrants
Nov 14 Special Angles in all 4 Quadrants
Nov 15 Co-Terminal Angles
Nov 18 Sine Law
Nov 19 Sine Law-Ambiguous Case
Nov 20 Cosine Law
Unit 5 Rational Expressions
Nov 29 Simplifying Rational Expressions
Dec 2 Multiply/Divide Rational Expressions
Dec 3 Add/Subtract Rational Expressions with Mononmial Denominators
Dec 4 Add/Subtract Rational Expressions with Bi/Trinomial Denominators
Dec 5 Solving Rational Equations
Dec 6 Applications of Rational Equations
Unit 7 Financial Literacy
Dec 12/13 Simple and Compound Interest
Dec 16 Annuities
Dec 17-20 Finance Project
Unit 6 Inequalities
Jan 6 Solving Inequalities Graphically
Jan 7 Solving Inequalities Algebraically