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Dover Bay Secondary is a member of the Nanaimo School District and, as such, shares the Ministry of Education goal of the educated citizen. We are committed to the following:

  • Intellectual Development – to develop in students the ability to analyze critically, to reason and think independently, and to acquire basic learning skills and bodies of knowledge; to develop in students a lifelong appreciation of learning, a curiosity about the world, and a capacity for creative thought and expression.
  • Human and Social Development – to develop in students the sense of self-worth and personal initiative, an understanding of the importance of physical health and well being, and an appreciation of the fine arts; to develop in students an understanding of cultural heritage, a sense of social responsibility, and a tolerance and respect for the beliefs and ideas of others.
  • Career Development – to assist students in the development of effective work habits, including the ability to deal with change, and to enable students to pursue their career objectives.

To accomplish these goals, the following beliefs should guide individual behaviour, instructional practices and educational programming:

The character, culture and effectiveness of our school will depend on how our purpose is defined, planned, and reviewed. Since education is a partnership, all the stakeholders in the school and the community will be involved in the process of outlining our long and short term goals. We are committed to working together to make this a reality.

  • Students – All students are unique and, as such, should be valued equally.
  • Learning – Learning is a life-long process. It requires the active participation of the student, and the recognition that students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
  • Accountability – Students, teachers, support staff and parents must be accountable for their commitment to learning and for their actions. With rights come responsibilities.
  • Values – Student and parent values are important and will be developed on for good morals for practical use after high school.
  • Excellence – The pursuit of excellence should be encouraged.
  • Recognition – The role of each person – student, teacher, support staff and parent – should be respected. Effort, contribution and achievement should be recognized and celebrated.
  • Involvement – Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities contribute significantly to student development.
  • Change – It is important to respond to the changing needs and expectations of society, and to promote the use of appropriate technology.
  • Ownership – Everyone in the school and community has a contribution to make toward the development and success of our school. Therefore, students, parents and the community will be actively involved in decision making about learning and school life.

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